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5 Star Ventures is committed to the protection of your privacy, and will treat all of the information you provide through the firm Web site, including your registration information, with the utmost respect. The firm works diligently to ensure that it has taken all appropriate administrative and technical measures to prevent the unauthorized or unlawful use of your personally identifiable information, and to prevent any accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, such information. The firm will not sell or disclose personally identifiable information about you to unaffiliated third parties except in accordance with this "Privacy Policy".


Collection of Information


1. The 5 Star Ventures Web site may collect certain information about visitors, even when they are not logged in. 5 Star Ventures may record your IP address, the URLs of the Web sites and pages you visit (before, during and after your visit to the 5 Star Ventures Web site), the times and dates of such visits, information about the computer hardware and software you use and other information that may be available. Also, The 5 Star Ventures may place "cookies" on your computer to recognize you on return visits to enable Bulid A Computer to enhance your browsing experience, as well as to collect additional information about you. You may adjust your browser settings or use other means to prevent cookies from being placed on your computer, but doing so may result in reduced functionality and a less personalized browsing experience.


2. 5 Star Ventures may ask you to provide certain additional information about yourself, including your name, contact information, the organization you come from and certain other information that 5 Star Ventures may use to identify you. If you choose not to provide such information, you may not be permitted to access certain 5 Star Ventures Web site features, content or services.


Use of Information


1. 5 Star Ventures uses the information that it collects about you to improve your browsing experience by personalizing 5 Star Ventures Web sites to your interest, and also to help 5 Star Ventures select content and services that you may find interesting and useful. Information about the content you visit and services you use may be used alone or in conjunction with information collected from other users to help 5 Star Ventures tailor the 5 Star Ventures Web site and its other products and services to better suit the needs and interests of you and other users.


2. Information that you provide may also be used as part of 5 Star Ventures's effort to keep you informed about events, and selected products and services that may be of interest to you. In some cases, 5 Star Ventures may contact you with information from carefully selected third parties, but 5 Star Ventures will not provide information to third parties for such purposes. In other cases, your information might be shared with a third party pursuant to a process that contemplates such sharing but which you knowingly initiate.


3. 5 Star Ventures reserves the right to disclose any information that it obtains through the 5 Star Ventures Web site to appropriate governmental or regulatory authorities, if required by law or any governmental agency.


Transfers of Information


From time to time, 5 Star Ventures may disclose information about you to carefully selected service providers that 5 Star Ventures may engage to host the 5 Star Ventures Web site or to provide other services. 5 Star Ventures will require all such service providers use the information solely to provide the specified services, and otherwise to conform to the requirements of this Privacy Policy. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, 5 Star Ventures will not provide your information to third parties for any other purpose, including marketing.


Additional Services


From time to time, 5 Star Ventures may offer additional services through the 5 Star Ventures Web site. In some cases additional services may be subject to alternative terms of use (as identified by 5 Star Ventures), and your use of any such services will constitute your acceptance of such alternative terms of use. Unless otherwise stated, such alternative terms of use shall apply to supplement this Agreement and in the context of any conflicting terms, this Agreement shall govern with respect to 5 Star Ventures Web sites, content and services, excepting only those services which are expressly covered, and then only to the extent so expressly covered, by such alternative terms.


Information Sent by Way of the Web site is Not Secure


Any information sent to 5 Star Ventures by Internet e-mail or through the Web site is not secure and is done so on a non-confidential basis. Any information you send 5 Star Ventures over the Internet, either through the 5 Star Ventures's Web site or via email is done at your own risk.


Sending Information Does Not Form a Client Relationship


Transmission of information from this Web site does not create an client relationship between you and 5 Star Ventures, nor is it intended to do so. The transmission of the Web site, in part or in whole, and/or any communication with us via Internet e-mail through this site does not constitute or create a client relationship between us and any recipients.


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